Pavimento in cotto fatto a mano - Fornace Polirone - Posa Accostata, bordo irregolare
In the old floor with tiles squared as truncated pyramid, the sealing of the joints was made by flowing down the mortar in the not visible area of the thickness of the tiles. The lime used, together with cleaning the floor and over time, emptied partially the joint.
The edges of the tiles, no longer protected by the mortar and with the continous footsteps, were scratched and made irregular.
Fornace Polirone proposes this process, which gives a worn and lived look even on a new floor, maintaining at the same time an elegant and not rustic appearance.

Example of old tile with truncated pyramid and irregular border

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Vecchia mattonella a sezione a tronco di piramide

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Floors made bit by bit according the unchanged rules of mixing, moulding and baking in a Hoffman oven.
Passionate research and careful study allow to Fornace Polirone to make repairs and reconstructions of ancient and historical floorings.
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