The Lombard varicoloured handmade terracotta floor has traditionally been used between the sixteenth and twentieth century in Lombardy, Piedmont and Ticino to pave both homes and historic houses.
The feature of this handmade terracotta floor is the simultaneous presence of two clays of different composition, which show, after cooking, red-orange and white-straw colors well distinct from each other.
Every furnace had its own forming method and each zone had its own clays with the result of having countless types of varicoloured floors both for color and for pattern.
On sample or drawing of the customer, we can realize any format, tone and pattern.

I diversi tipi di variegato

  Righe fini
  Righe larghe
  A onda
  variegato nero giallo a onda
  A rosette
  Variegato 3 colori fondo rosso
  variegato 3 colori chiaro
Usually,the size of Lombard varicoloured handmade floor (also called "veined" Lombard) was the rectangle with sides of 40x20 cm and, less frequently, the squares 25x25, 28x28 and 32x32 cm. There are many types of "veining", due to the fact that small furnaces around the area avail themselves of artisans and each one had his own technique of manipulation anf forming.
During the recovery of several floors we found so many varicoloured types really different both in sizes and shades of colors and patterns.
A special mention is for the varicoloured handmade terracotta floor and the compositions produced during 1830-1850 by "Fornace del Conte Lana" in Borgonato ( Brescia).
The sizes were squares,hexagons, rhombuses and triangles in black, white and marbled (variant of varicoloured with stripes).

Merita un cenno anche il pavimento in cotto fatto a mano variegato e le composizioni prodotti negli anni 1830 - 1850 dalla "Fornace del Conte Lana" a Borgonato (BS).

Questi pavimenti sono stati utilizzati per importanti edifici in diverse città della Lombardia (Milano, Cremona, Bergamo, Mantova, Brescia ...)

I formati erano quadrati, esagoni, rombi e triangoli nel colori bianco, nero e marmorizzato (variante del variegato a righe).


Esempi di mattonelle variegate antiche

  matonella esagonale variegato fornace Lana
  variegato ticinese
  variegato antico nuvolato a righe grandi
  variegato righe fini
  variegato righe grandi
  variegato esagono nuvolato
  particolare matonella variegato rosetta

Esempi di composizione con variegato

  Esempio composizione di varigato fine rosso e giallo
  Esempio di variegato a rosette
  composizione variegato, nuvolato chiaro
  composizione di variegati a 3 colori neri grigi rosati e rossi
  Composizione di variegato, giallo, rosato e nero