This movie, schot in the 60's, shows the phases of the traditional production of handmade tiles. The furnace was run by the family Morselli in Formigosa ( hamlet of Mantua), on the banks of the river Mincio.
The business started in the eighteenth century and ended in 1978.
In 1982, the daughters Nadia and Norma (participating in the movie, they are engaged in various stages of processing the tiles), along with Alberto Cappelli and Roberto Pasqualini returned to work in an old furnace in Borgoforte. Thus, they gave rise to Fornace Polirone, handing down a secular tradition which otherwise would have been lost.

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Floors made bit by bit according the unchanged rules of mixing, moulding and baking in a Hoffman oven.
Passionate research and careful study allow to Fornace Polirone to make repairs and reconstructions of ancient and historical floorings.
Fornace Polirone di Cappelli, Pasqualini e C. S.n.c.
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